Monday, 11 July 2011

The Believer .....

Well I am a believer, light the lamp in front of our pooja area every evening , light incense ,fold my hands close my eyes and have a a talk with God as if I were talking to a family member or a friend as in ( " thanks for a peaceful day today , know what ........ , would be real nice if  you could keep my family healthy and happy, even if you give me problems make sure you also give me the strength to get through them, some loss of weight would be welcome ....etc.etc. ) share something happy, complain about some misery etc. no shlokas etc . On festival days maybe a kolam, some lights, some kesari , The Vishu Kani , an attempted Onam sadya is done of course but on a teeny tiny scale.Generally believe in the whole Hindu pantheon  but my dearest friend and confidant and at the receiving end of my complaints is Lord Guruvayurappan who we have been visitng as a family for God knows how long . He has been in our houses for as long as I remember and going to Guruvayur being next door to native place everyone of the family pops in and out every once in a while .
This conversation with the Almighty continues in short bursts here and there to thank for something or to request deliverance from a tight spot and then again to thank for the deliverance or complain about not coming to my rescue !! :) . But the belief in Guruvayurappan does give the strength that there is a person ( although blue in colour :)  ) up there  to hold you who will not let you fall however bad things may be they won't continue for long and HE will definitely turn things around for you before long(of course with you yourself doing all the groundwork) , in short if I havent done any wrong my buddy wont let me suffer for long and things will look up .Thats what the belief does ,perhaps that is what it is meant to do .
So , it may seem odd to many but when i reach in front of the idol at Guruvayur , my reaction is usually a a smile and hello !! its me :) !!  need ur blessings for everything man !!! Usually make offerings in cash accumulated for the purpose of putting in the hundi there .
That sums up the extent of my religious beliefs. Hope not to have bored the readers to tears . :)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


One fine Sunday morning, I was reading an excellent article in THE DIPLOMAT , an Asia-Pacific current affairs site, about the Indian mentality of "JUGAAD" which is nothing but the Hindi word for making do when one needs something in a situation , or to use a more fashionable word "Innovation" . It mentioned that this deeply ingrained quality in the Indian blood is mostly responsible for taking the Indian to places where lot of people from other places/countries fear to tread . Why !! there are even jokes about a Mallu/ Indian(variations abound)  welcoming Neil Amstrong on the moon with strong tea !! Fellow had opened a tea shop there as well !!
All of it meaning to say that, give an Indian a troublesome situation and he will find a way out of it, may not be a pretty or a long term solution, but will be some sort of a solution all the same . I found an involuntary smile beginning to form on my lips . I forgot all about the article, after some thought of whether it was so much in our blood as the article mentioned .
Then , what happened , one might ask , to inspire this blog ? Well , one day while getting ready for work,I was in a hurry  the spray nozzle of my perfume bottle came off and and as spray nozzles of perfume bottles are wont to do, slipped off my hand and merrily rolled off and fell out of the open window !! Now , the almost full bottle was crying out to be used but couldn’t !!
The Indian brain which comfortably resides in the penthouse of my not-so-tall body ,kicked into action and immediately spied my husband’s empty perfume bottle which was due to be consigned to the dustbin . It had the spray nozzle allright !! So, I simply took it off that empty bottle and fixed it on mine and ta da !!!! my perfume bottle was fully functional again . Immediately the word "JUGAAD" sprang to mind . Now I understood what the authors of that article meant .
It is not a big thing I know , but I was amazed by the speed with which the Indian mind looks for solutions . It is deeply ingrained in our psyche allright . Therefore it is not surprising that the entire world is now looking to India for solutions for practically everything , be it technology or medicine . All we need to do is deliver .