Monday, 20 December 2010

An unusual Diwali gift......

It was unusual allright ......celestial to be exact.......what on earth am i talking about ?? Well, it was a perfect Diwali gift for the entire region !! A solar eclipse !!! that too visible in the region during the daytime, what more could be more exciting !!!!

On the morning of the 1994 Diwali , the residents of the colony were all agog with excitement mingled with mild apprehension which is brought about by the myths and assorted tales associated with such celeStial events . Slowly it started getting darker as it gets as dusk draws near . We kids almost danced with joy on the terrace . Now thinking back, i wonder why we were so delighted , seem have been affected with temporary insanity , of the fun kind .

Then without warning, the sun simply blanked out !!!! It was as if someone turned off the lights , zooooooop !!!! gone !!!! There was a sudden chill in the air ,the temperature dropped , it was seriously unnerving . The amusing part was that , all the birds thought that it was evening and took flight to their respective nests  , poor things didnt have a geography/ astronomy  teacher at hand to explain . Psst !!! But we humans, having all sorts of teachers and having had explanations fare no better either !!!
Standing on the terrace with the protective glasses to look at the eclipsed sun, braving the chill, for the first time i realised ,how much we take the sun, its light and its heat for granted . We realize the importane of things only when they no longer exist . So the taking for granted is something which should be done away with, be it the sun or more importantly people .

Leaving the philosophy aside, as darkness fell, since it was Diwali ,everyone had fireworks at hand for bursting in the evening, but this atmosphere created by the eclipse ,kind of acted as a catalyst and the crackers lit the sky amidst peals of laughter.
Then shone the first ray of light and the diamond ring,  an immeasurably beautiful sight . There was pin drop silence as all of us just stared onto the greyish-bluish sky with half open mouths all activity stopped mid way !!!
We came to our senses only when the sun was out in its full glory and we were back to warming our backs and back to drying our crackers in the sun for all the action later in the evening .
A memory to cherish ..........what is it if not a DIWALI GIFT enmasse .....


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