Monday, 20 December 2010

Talking to yourself...

Talking to yourself often thought of as ......a gone case...screw loose and described in other fancy terms. But here the author is not talking of THAT kind of talking to yourself ......
Don’t we all have conversations with ourselves in our heads ?? Well....I do ...all the time...
Does that mean all of us are nuts ? Of course not !! Most people don’t realize that our lives are accompanied by a constant internal commentary on the things we see, feel, think  and experience around us, anything at all in our day to day lives.

It may sometimes be in the form of a debate or a dialogue with us being on both sides at once . That us, WE ourselves being both FOR the motion and AGAINST the motion at the same time and putting forth arguments respectively to prove our point on both fronts .For example. How many of you have been to the supermarket and  something catches ur eye which u would like to buy on impulse but it is either bad for health or way over budget ??
Then the dialogue starts ........Should I buy ...should i not ?? There will be half a dozen arguments for it and then there will be another half a dozen against it . It is like having an angel sitting on one shoulder and a devil on the other both giving u excellent reasons to do or not to do something ..
Even in sleep we give ourselves excellent arguments as to why we can sleep a little bit longer .

Question is how do we use this internal chatter constructively . No one knows you better than YOU . You cant hide from yourself or lie to yourself so this internal talking gives us a very down to earth picture of ourselves and what we should do .This can be made to work for us by positive reinforcement
We can use this internal voice to psyche ourselves up before a big event to give us that extra confidence when nervous.
It can also be used to focus on the job at hand if we concenterate all our energies onto it .
We can give ourselves positive reaffirmation of something by being our own coach . If we find something very tough , we can talk to ourselves arrange things in our heads, go in a logical sequence as if we were explaining it to someone else and viola !! It will not tough anymore …..
The power of the human mind is unbelievable, if you think u can do it , u can do it and for that you are your best coach .
That doesn’t mean that talking to oneself cant backfire  . Oh yes it can !!!
As we can motivate ourselves so we can demotivate ourselves as well, if we call urself all sorts or derogatory things in our heads and keep telling ourselves that we are  failures , that has a more convincing effect than someone else from the outside telling us . After a while we start to believe it becomes a cycle making us a complete wreck . A lot of the people suffering from depression have this negative internal dialogue going on wherein they can see and hear everything wrong .

So this internal dialogue is very important to what we think about ourselves, how we deal with situations and our general well being, the key is to use it to our advantage and catch ourselves the moment that conversation with ourselves starts to go negative or on a wrong track and convince ourselves to come back on track .
Trivial though it may seem , normal humans cant shut out this internal conversation so we got to use it ......................  I ,for one believe very strongly in the power of having this internal dialogue and having a positive one at that . It helps a lot in clearing things in ones head and believe it or not improves diction , choice of words , speaking ability etc.

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  1. Another schizophrenic here!!!

    Though most of the other time this talking other me is a good friend who appreciates, involves in discussion, joins the thrills and pains.... there are times when its very aggressive, finding fault with what I did that day, curse me for taking a wrong decision.... and it becomes too difficult to convince this other me!... and of course there are times when i push her aside and move forward singing...
    "Goli Maar Bheje Mein, Bheja Shor Karta Hai Bheje Ki Sunega To Marega Kallu Kallu Mama"