Monday, 20 December 2010


A few days back....the weather was very still and stifling , no breeze , no sun either but a few thunderous and mean looking ,Lord. Krishna colour clouds(dark blue)loitering around as if they had nothing better to do.
The sun was actually playing peek-a-boo among the clouds . There was a sudden downpour with a whoosh!! sound and simultaneously the sun came out with what i assumed must have been a twinkle in its eye if it had one. The quantity of water and the size of the droplets was such that for a moment i thought that the Maker had finally decided to finally do some spring cleaning in the begining of autumn and hence the downpour !!
Now this situation , that is rain and sun at the same time is a lovely sight and my mother used to tell me that it is said that when this happens, it is said to be "kurkande kalyaanam" in Malayalam or "siyaar ki shaadi" in Hindi, which ,in English roughly translates to "the fox's marriage"( kurkan =fox in Malayalam and siyaar=fox in Hindi) .
Therein lies the subject of my worry . The regularity with which I have seen this rain plus sun situation arise , me thinks , either our friend Mr. Fox is getting big time polygamous or the entire vulpine population is on a marital spree which again makes me think that perhaps the SPCA ought to be contacted ( psst!! isn't it a form of cruelty......well.....i will leave the readers to ruminate on that)

Now that I have unburdened myself onto my readers , let me come back to the original point . This combination of sun and rain , stopped after a while and the sun came out in all its glorious beauty shining bright ans resplendent and what do i see !! Lo !! behold!! a RAINBOW !!

I know it may not be a big deal for lot of people and as science explains it, it is nothing but light breaking up into its contituent spectrums, but the sight of a luminous rainbow against a clear blue sky with the sun shining and a light breeze heavy with the smell of the freshly drenched mud does bring a smile to my face and takes the mind away from the hum drum of the busy crammed lives we live today . I stood there for few minutes stupidly grinning at the rainbow until a pigeon crash landed on my window sill ( it ought to have put at least an L board for the safety of other fliers !!)

A sight as simple as that kindles the child like innocent spirit which arises for an instant and then vanishes , plunging us back into our day to day world . Such moments are rare , let us enjoy it when we can.

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