Monday, 20 December 2010


Poetry... ? Early in the morning ? Don't worry  ,i am really not going to throw any self-concocted verses at you ( thankfully the Maker forgot to put those qualities in my grey cells)

My poetic abilities are limited to ...ahem....: "i am a little tea-pot short and stout, this is my handle and this is my spout" -borrowed lines from my LKG action song of course – and the tea-pot description fits me to the T :) ( psstt!! please note the bold and underlined  )
I am not a movie buff, not at all, far from it ,but a music buff , definitely .My music tastes vary in many languages from Hindi to English to Tamil to Italian to Spanish to whatever sounds melodious, but understanding of the lyrical content is limited to hindi (its cousin urdu ) and english.
But ,but but...but what i am coming to is in a similar vein.... not exactly poetry....couplets....or what is better called shaayari in that beautiful language called urdu which has also translated many a time into the lyrics of hindi movie music of old . I say hindi movie music of old because currently shaayari and lyricism in hindi movies has died a slow but sure death .

Of the old masters , to name a few, there were Sahir Ludhiyanvi, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Anjaan, Anand Bakshi and my all time favourite GULZAR . The couplets are so pregnant with meaning that after listening to them you actually wonder, how can anyone think or write so beautifully and on top of that set it to equally melodious , soul soothing music .
For the hindi music followers here , few examples : There is this lovely song from the movie Gharonda , beautifully rendered in Bhupinder's voice, the lyrics -a particular part of it applies to anyone new to a particular city.

"In Umar Se Lambi Sadkon Ko Manzil Pe Pohonchte Dekha Nahin,
Bas Daudti Phirti Rahti Hain Humne To Theherte Dekha Nahin
 Is Ajnabi Se Shahar Mein Jaana Pehechana Dhoondta Hai
Ek Akela Is Shahar Mein"

Similarly the song from Amar Prem, both stanzas are full of meaning and when one listens to it, one thinks, yes very true ,such is the beauty of the lyrics in the song . An Example :
"kuchh reet jagat kee ayesee hai
har yek subah kee shaam huyee
tu kaun hai, teraa naam hain kya
seeta bhi yahaan badanaam huyee -true ,isn't it ?
fir kyo sansaar kee baaton se bheeg gaye tere nainaa "

"hum ko jo taane dete hai hum khoye hain in rang raliyon me
hum ne un ko bhee chhup chhup ke aate dekhaa in galiyon me
ye sach hain zoothhee baat nahee
tum bolo ye sach hain naa "then my all time favourite from Umrao Jaan which is 100 percent true .

"Kahiye to Aasmaan ko Zameen par utaar laayein
Mushkil Nahin hai kuch Bhi, Mushkil Nahi Hai kuch Bhi agar Than Leejiye"

These are the gems , the kinds of which are no longer conceived , nor probably does the kind of thought exist, i don't know, but the magic of this kind of shayari continues to hold its sway on millions . As for the music, well that calls for another blog  .Hope not to have bored the reader to tears  . Good day !!

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