Monday, 20 December 2010

Of metal and of brothers and sisters.....

With Diwali now past , one is reminded of few other associated festivals which saunter around the festival of lights .They are low key but celebrated in their own quiet way .

One is "Bhai Dooj" which can be termed as a cousin of Rakshabandhan . Rakshabandhan falls sometime in August while Bhai dooj which is also called Bhai -phota among bengalis ,falls a day or two after Diwali . On this day brothers are invited to their sisters' house, and tilak is applied to their foreheads and small ritual salutation to the brother done after which they are fed a sumptous meal of their favourite dishes by their sisters . The brothers in return offer a gift of some sort to their sisters . Again a north / east indian event .Basically brother sister bonding . Two examples of this, rakhi  and bhai dooj .

The other is "dhan-teras" .This comes just one day before Diwali, when little shops selling kitchen vessels and pooja vessels sprout up in the streets. This day is considered auspicious andit is almost mandatory to buy some sort of metal, even a small stainless steel spoon is fine . A north indian/ east indian  phenomenon .
Interestingly it also has a cousin in akshaya tritiya which comes sometime earlier in the year . I had never heard of akshay tritiya in my growing up years but now it seems to have become a rage, with gold buying being preached aggressively by the gold shops , promising wealth and good fortune for the coming year etc.etc.

I don't tire counting all the variations we have , the festive season just made me recollect my experiences past and present, and found all the festivals and their associated relatives ( the festival's relative i.e ) spread across the country !!

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