Monday, 20 December 2010

The Elements....

It was pretty windy outside . The similarity of the sound of the wind howling in trees outside and identical sounds of breathing of my partially blocked nose  , albeit, the noise level was was thankfully several degrees less :) , set me thinking .
Our ancient texts tell us that our body is made up of "PANCHA BHOOTHAS" ( suspicious sounds liks bhooth, ghost or pei ), so i will stick to the less spooky version of "PANCHA TATVAS" of VAYU-wind or air , AGNI-fire , PRITHVI-earth ,AAKASH- sky, JAL- WATER .
So , with a barely audible creak, my mental mental machinery started rolling ,all this because i could not sleep and ruminating on this seemed to be a better option than counting sheep ( because there is no end to counting sheep and anyway who cares how many sheep are there !!)
We indeed contain all of these 5 elements within us .

VAYUAs is said before air is present in every breath we take and it even sounds similar to the one blowing outside ( as i discovered, thanks to my cold !) . And who can forget the discomfort that one gets gas in ones tummy !!! well !! thats air too ( no discrimination please! )  ,a cousin of air ,but air nonetheless !!

AGNI – This is interesting , both in metaphorical and biological terms . Taking the biological angle first . We eat, and we BURN the food to produce energy to live, therefore since burning is taking place, there must definitely be some fire inside, since again our ancient texts say solemnly "  THE DHARMA OF FIRE IS TO BURN "  . On the metaphorical side , we burn with hatred, we burn with envy/jealousy/rage , we burn with an all consuming passion to achieve something, we burn burn burn burn all the time, hence with all the burning going on, there HAS to be fire inside, correct ?

PRITHVI –This also means the mud. We eat what is grown from the earth , or eat animals who in turn eat what is grown from the earth , so we cannot help but be part of the earth ourselves and contain all the constituents of the very earth we live on . And when we die we become part of the earth, either when buried or as ashes , ashes to ashes ,dust to dust .

AAKASH – The sky, infinite, vast , open . That is also how we describe the human mind . So in a way the spirit of the sky is captured in us humans in the form of the most amazing feat of engineering, the human mind . This can explain why our thoughts are said to take wings and fly !!This can probably also explain why the brain is called grey matter , comparision perhaps to a rain clouds laden sky ( fancy thinking on my part !! )

JAL- Water , well ,this one needs no introduction, science tells us that our body is more or less water . Saliva, urine, tears, blood and other bodily fluids have their base in water . Water is in us as well .Too much of is sees us visit the loo too often and too less of and we turn yellow as a sunflower
In short we contain all the five elements and in thinks I am probably going insane   or as the British say , am completely off my rocker… to do something about that.

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