Monday, 20 December 2010

Colourfully Yours...

" Colour ,colour which colour do u choose …. ? "….went the refrain, with the kids deftly moving the folded paper apparatus (for lack of a better word) in their hands, already having cornered some unsuspecting adult or child to put this question to . This was kind of a game long long ago.... in times when the author of this piece was younger .
Today, looking over , the dreary , leafless trees and snow covered landscape, the word COLOUR , or the lack of it rather ,sprang to mind, hence the thought about the aforementioned game . The only colours visible in this snow clad landscape were, the dreary steel grey skies , the brown skeletons of trees and the white snow . A gloomy picture , isn't it ? Surprisingly, its not,  its actually beautiful even devoid of colour.
The point the author is coming to is that colour , in all its vibrant shades and hues unknowingly assumes such an important place in our lives that we don't realize it unless it is missing .

Who cannot help being spell bound by the combination of that perfect blue sky complete with fluffy white cumulus clouds, the mellow yellow sun , green fields of harvest or a garden full of assorted flowers of myriad hues with multi-coloured butterfiles flitting around to keep them company !!! Ah!! Bliss !!
Little wonder that colour therapy has become a popular alternative medicine to soothe troubled souls. Blue soothes/calmes, red excites etc.etc , you get the hang of it I guess ….

This thing about colour is all pervasive, we humans haven't spared our language from this colourful attack.
We are said to turn Green with envy , turn Red with anger or rage , have Blue bloods as royalty , are said to have turned Yellow when pale , and blush Pink. when embarassed....Jealously is even called the Green eyed monster !! ( Perhaps the monster needs to be informed that there are various coloured tinted contact lenses available in the market !!!! So , being labelled green -eyed will come to an end at least !!)
Ahem !! coming back to more serious issues . The author  therefore comesto the conclusion that we are colourful lot not only environmentally but linguistacally as well !! We have an ache to include colour in our lives . Why !! We even have a festival of colours , Holi !
On observation, the dry and dreary Rajasthan , which is mostly  BROWN desert all over , craves for colour , hence just look at their traditional attire, it is an explosion of colours !!!
Similarly , up above in Ladakh and Leh, the cold ensures the white and grey combination most of the time BUT.........just one look at the shawls they weave , and it compensates for all the dreariness , they are a riot of colours in carefully colour coded neat patterns .
SO......where nature deprives us of colour or provides us monotonous hues, we ensure that we supply the colourful element in some way or the other . Perhaps unconsciously .....the author doesn't profess to know.....

But then let us not be too hard on poor us ,humans , dowwwwwwn below in Antarctica , the penguins are equally guilty of being colour-loony . Can't blame them, poor fellas, after all , they have nothing but vast swathes of white all around . They are known to steal and horde colourful objects in their nests . Same goes with jackdaws who live in desert like dry areas , they prefer stealing colourful AND shiny objects to hoard  in their nests high above the ground on mountain tops . Both of these birds seem to have a fetish for colourful brick-a-brack .

 Just imagine , how awful the world would be without colour . So let us enjoy the physical colour present in our lives and try and introduce a little colour, metaphorically speaking, and sparkle to our day to day lives and  if possible to other peoples lives with a small act of kindness or even a smile...........
The author apologises to the readers if it sounds like the ravings of an unsound mind............

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