Monday, 20 December 2010 thinks.....

The power of the human mind never ceases to amaze me . It has truly been labelled as the most complex and brilliant feat of engineering . Thoughts , colours, scenes from our childhood, growing up years, places we lived in, people we interacted with , things we listened to , things we said, the sensations we felt all of these and much more are embedded in our brains layer after after and are recalled instantly when triggered . This, inspite of constant additions to the information every second of the day and also in addition to the brain's function of keeping day to day bodily functions up and running .
Now, one would wonder , why am I suddenly filled with all this awe , so much so that it is tumbling forth in words ?
Well, it is because here I am in a cold country surrounded by snow and icy winds , but  when listening to a few lines of the song " Dil dhoondhta hai ,phir wohi phursat ke raat din " where the stanza goes something like this :" yaa garmiyon ki raat jo purwaayiaan chale
  yaa garmiyon ki raat jo purwaayiaan chale
  thhandi safed chaadaron pe jaagen der tak
  thhandi safed chaadaron pe jaagen der tak
  taaron ko dekhte rahen chhat par pade huye"

the brain digs deep down in its recesses and brings out the summer months that I spent growing up in the north of India , so much so that I can feel the rough surface of our window sill where I would hang around in the early mornings with my glass of maltova watching people going for their morning walks or going to buy milk etc. The memories are so fresh and alive that I can still feel the sticky humidity in the fresh morning air, the air which is in turn is laden with the smell of fresh jasmine .
The trigger being the song , also brings alive, the slick with sweat feeling of the summer nights (with the electricity having been cut off- load shedding as it is fashionably called) , and the feeling of cool breeze over sweat soaked bodies trying to take in the breeze , the whole family parked at one or the other window,
unable to sleep because of the heat and the mosquitoes  . Can actually feel the clear night air in my nostrils  with the sound of the crickets in the thickets.......And the below lines draw out ..another set out equally fond memories ,
" Jaadon Ki narm dhoop aur aangan mein let kar
Jaadon Ki narm dhoop aur aangan mein let kar
aankhon pe kheench kar tere daaman ke saaye Ko
aankhon pe kheench kar tere daaman ke saaye Ko
aundhe pade rahen kabhi karwat liye huye "

.......In the three to four degrees temperature of the northern plateaus, lying on the terrace on ones tummy with the warm winter sun on ones back lulling one to sleep, with unfinished homework lying open in front for company . The memories buried deep within are all complete exact to the exact degree of warmth of the sun and the mellow satisfied feeling, lying there on a holiday .
All these memories  and many more are safely tucked away to be summoned in a trice and run in parallel with our current daily lives , the current daily lives which are far removed from the above mentioned in, time, location, feel and seem an era away .

To actually feel this far gone era with each one of our senses with the same intensity as if one is part of those times again, while actually being in a completely different place and atmosphere is something which only the human brain is capable of . As I said before, hats off to this marvel, there never was and never will be anything like it ........that is probably one of the reasons I believe in GOD .......for only HE/SHE could have constructed something like this.....



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